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Algebra 2

differentiating in algebra 2

Recently 10 students in algebra 2 were handed invitations to join a group within the class that would proceed at a faster pace. With one class for all students, all ability levels, all interest levels, all motivation levels, a teacher is expected to strike a balance. The balance means some students will feel the pace to be uncomfortably fast, while others will feel the pace to be slow. For the struggling students, our school has tutoring two mornings each week in the library (Tuesday & Thursday), and usually help available during the advisory period for those willing to seek it out. For those who want more math faster, we have had no answer.

My concern is that students who plan to pursue math heavy fields of study at the next level may find themselves in a college class surrounded by students who attended larger high schools with faster paced classes, meaning they studied a few units we never managed to get to. My intention is to take this group through at least one additional unit, and perhaps two, by the end of the school year. And if the rest of the class needs an additional day or two on a topic, we can do that without feeling we are holding others back.


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