trigonometry review goals:

1. given any right triangle and a designated acute angle, you can set up equations for sine, cosine and tangent

2. on any right triangle with angle information given and one side length given, you can use trig to find the remaining two side lengths

3. on any right triangle with side lengths given, you can find the remaining angles of the triangle


math is fun; mathwarehouse; algebralab; youtube

special right triangles goals:

1. you can recognize 30-60-90 triangles and 45-45-90 triangles

2. you can quickly place the ratios of the sides around either

3. you can find all exact side lengths of a special right triangle given any side


special right triangles on youtube; 45-45-90 on Khan Academy; 30-60-90 intro on Khan Academy; 30-60-90 lesson 2 on Khan Academy



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